private events

Make a unique event

Do you want to give a twist to meetings with friends, family or professionals? Thinking how to achieve more motivating and dynamic meetings? Do you want to celebrate a particular event for your company, birthdays, a family dinner/lunch, baptisms or a communion?

We propose a different space to achieve your goals: a rural house.

Located in a rural environment, Balhondo Open Village is the perfect place to organize any type of event given the breadth of the facilities and the audiovisual media that the house has. The personalized treatment of each client allows us to offer the best services in each event, trying to adapt to the indicated needs.

What will we offer you if you count on us?
√ Personalized
√ Confortable environment
√ Audiovisual medio
√ Different spaces to meet
√ Personalized catering
√ Search for especific services