In the Siberian Extremadura there are massive hunts where you can enjoy big game hunting.  In these preserves you can find specimens such as the mouflon mountain goat, fallow deer, deer, wild boar and roe deer. On the other hand, we also find an impressive variety of specimens for small game like rabbit, hare, fox, red stone, quail, pigeons such as wood or wild and zurita, woodcock, common starling, lapwing, pheasant, magpie, jackdaw, turtle dove, mallard or blue duck, common coot, snipe, common teal and shoveler.

Our hotel has an exclusive kennel for hunters and mezzanine closets to store weapons.

The Cíjara Regional Hunting Reserve comprises a vast territory of 25,000 hectares of Public Mountains, declared in 1966 a National Reserve for the protection of game species.
The limitation of agricultural holdings and the rationalization of forest spaces make this territory unique.
Also highlights the Valdecaballeros Reserve with 20003 hectares and the Zarzuela farm.