Declared a World Heritage City, among its streets you can find many of the best-preserved Roman monuments and buildings on the peninsula, such as the Theater and Amphitheater, temples, aqueducts or bridges. In addition, you can see vestiges of the Mazarabic era of the country with Arab monuments.

Distance from Puebla de Alcocer: 115 km


The Old City, the oldest part of Cáceres, has been, like its neighbor Mérida, declared a World Heritage Site in addition to one of the most important medieval complexes in the world.

Distance from Puebla de Alcocer 145 km.


The Royal Monastery of Santa María de Guadalupe is another example of the cultural richness that Extremadura houses, as it also holds the title of World Heritage Site. It contains an architecture in which styles are mixed from Gothic to Neoclassical.

Distance from Puebla de Alcocer: 84 km

Cabeza Del Buey

Position of 4600 inhabitants that has a train and where the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Bethlehem stands out, populated by centennial elms.

Distance from Puebla de Alcocer: 37 km


Beautiful architectural ensemble with numerous palaces, houses, palaces, churches, an impressive castle and a Plaza Mayor worthy of admiration. The history of this town is closely linked to the discovery of America.

Distance from Puebla de Alcocer: 96 km

Zalamea de la Serena

Zalamea, where it houses one of the best examples left by the Roman domination. It is a funerary monument built in the year 103 in honor of the emperor Trajan, and in its surroundings there are testimonies of the presence of inhabitants from the most remote times, such as the dolmen or the Cancho Roano site, a Tartessian sanctuary.

Distance from Puebla de Alcocer: 61 km


The famous Almadén mines are the main tourist focus but, in addition, its Plaza de Toros, unique in the world due to its hexagonal shape and considered one of the oldest in Spain, stands out.

Distance from Puebla de Alcocer: 78 km